Mother and Daughter Real Estate Team 

Boetie Crous – (BC Property Group) started Boetie Crous Eiendomme BK in 1995. The company owes it's success to an amazing mentor who was committed to this industry, who led by example and focused on great service and wasn't afraid to take a leap of faith. 

After founder Boetie Crous’s passing in 2010, a strategic change took place with Trudie Crous, his wife, and Lisa Ogilvie, his daughter, in which saw the business expand into a new and very successful rental and sales department and a new company trading as BC Property Group. 

With over 25 years of experience, Trudie Crous established herself as an accomplished Real Estate professional focusing predominantly on the sales department of the company. Trudie achieved her National Certificate in Real Estate and passed all examinations to receive her EAAB certification.

As principal of BC Property Group, Trudie has always maintained an outstanding work ethic with a huge emphasis on affording a professional and efficient service to current as well as potential clientele. Trudie has also established herself in the clothing Industry as a Fashion Designer with her creative skills venturing further into home renovation and interior design. Her innovative visions can be seen in many of her newer projects.

She also has ample experience in new developments and works closely with large developing companies, builders and new owner builders.

Lisa Ogilvie has over 10 years of experience in the Rental and Sales Industry. She is passionate, hardworking and a trustworthy individual who emphasizes is to go the extra mile. Brought up in a Real Estate family, from a young age Lisa was nurtured by her father (late Boetie Crous) to build every business relationship based on respect, high morals and integrity.  Lisa's success does not only originate from hard work but also her personal Christian values.  She holds her faith undividedly and maintains that is plays a huge importance in her life.  Her qualifications range from Advanced Rental Management, Sales  Management, Public Relations, Events Management and recently finishing her EAAB level required to achieve her Principal PPRE-NQF5 Certificate. Lisa will not be stopping there as she still wants to continue empowering herself through education.

We believe that GOD owns this business and we are merely HIS stewards of it for a season. We want to make sure that all we do in and through the business honours HIM.

By the same token we do not want to do anything that will dishonour HIM. No one who works with the company is required to believe what we believe; however, we make it clear that GOD is the owner of our company. Therefore, all that we do centres around HIM. This includes many efforts to sow seeds of faith all around through various efforts.

We do not force anyone to believe, but they will certainly have an opportunity to hear and see.

We specialises in residential, rentals and small holdings. With our combined years of knowledge and experience, we help find the right property that meets the needs of young families, retires, investors and first-time homebuyers.  When you buy a home, you're not just buying a physical structure, you're buying into a neighbourhood, the types of people who live there, local shops, parks and restaurants all contribute to the overall feel of the area which distinguishes it from other neighbourhoods. 

Whatever your needs, we will help you find a home you'll love, in a place where you'll feel right at home.  Our business may not be huge, but that is no excuse for it not being GREAT.

As a mother and daughter team, our beliefs and values are the same and we are extremely proud to continue with this family business, leading it into another twenty-five years of successful business and into the next generation.